Mr Grey (mrgrey) wrote,
Mr Grey

beer beer beer

I've drank a bit too much the past few nights. Austin turned 21 and we celebrated by trying to kill him with alcohol. Luckily, he lived. Dave bought everyone these monstrous 10-inch cigars that were almost too thick to fit into your mouth. I don't think anyone was able to finish theirs. I smoked mine for over an hour and still hadn't really put a dent in it. Other highlights from Austin's party included Austin puking up what appeared to be nothing but beer foam (and lots of it, too!) and then falling backwards and ripping his pants. It was a good party.

The next day was Turkey Day, so I went to my aunt's and we all drank again. My family is pretty fun when they drink. Then, Friday, Matt came over for more drinking. Hoss, Derek, Britney and my cousin Jon came over as well. Good time just sitting by the fire and drinking but Matt seemed down.

It's been a good week. It was great seeing all the people that I don't get to see often. Hope everyone else is enjoying themselves as well.
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