Mr Grey (mrgrey) wrote,
Mr Grey

Just finished reading I Am Legend...good, short book if you're into that kind of thing. I'm looking forward to seeing the Vincent Price and Charleston Heston movie versions, but I cringe to think about the upcoming Will Smith version. I'm sure it'll be as horrible an adaptation as I, Robot was.

The lead character in I Am Legend is a blonde haired, blue eyed man and they're casting Will Smith. Ben Cortman is a chubby character described as looking like Oliver they tried to get Johnny Depp to play the part. Brilliant. Hollywood, I love you.

I really hope the Watchmen flick doesn't get butchered.

I think I'm going to start on Ender's Game now or maybe read some Vonnegut. Anyone have any recommendations?

Tonight I think I'm going to brave the mobs of Christmas shoppers in order to return some fautly stuff. I hate this time of year...every time I go to a store i feel like I'm in a zombie movie. Screaming kids and screaming parents don't really get me in the holiday mood. They do, however, make me wish castration was enforced as a form of birth control.
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