Mr Grey (mrgrey) wrote,
Mr Grey

Ok, so I'm a huge geek. If you didn't know already, let me give an example...

I just found out that the upcoming Iron Man movie (starring Robert Downey Jr., apparently...) will also feature Nick Fury. I dig Fury's character so that was kind of exciting news...until I found out that they're leaning towards casting....Sam Jackson??? Ugh. And, ok, I know that the Ultimates version of Fury was actually based on Jackson so it makes "perfect sense." Whatever. Who cares about Ultimate Nick Fury? I want my classic Fury!

In oddly related news, I got excited because there's an I Am Legend movie coming out. Then I found out that they're casting good ol' blond haired, blue eyed german Neville as...Will Smith. The same Will Smith that was involved in the I Robot abortion. Great stuff, perfect casting. Assuming Smith looked the part, Neville didn't go around belting out snappy one-liners. I just don't see it working.

And I've already been called racist for this, so you can skip that. Oh, and I didn't like the Kingpin being turned black either. I'd get just as upset if they turned Luke Cage or Black Panther or Storm or Blade or War Machine or Bishop or Spawn or Chapel or Shadowhawk or Apocalypse(yeah, I know he's actually grey but I've always pictured him as James Earl Jones...dunno why) or any other black comic character into a white guy on screen...though I suspect in that case it would be ok to be upset about it and it would probably make the news.

I dunno, why not just leave well enough alone? Why make Galactus into a cloud? Why make a Catwoman movie that basically has nothing to do with the character? Or turn Chapel into a random white woman named Priest? Why add a throw-away American actor to The League of Extraordinary Gentleman? Yeah, that movie would have sucked without that change anyway, but... Why mess with the source material in completely unnecessary ways? I get excited about all these movies coming out, then learn about these nutty decisions that kill my geek-boner.

Maybe the new Captain America movie coming out will feature an Asian actor. And the new Hulk will be Indian. Hell, now that Tobe seems to be done with Spiderman, I think we should make him Mexican. That'd be great. They could even use that awesome version of the Spiderman theme song I heard at Vera Cruz. Mexican Spiderman will forever be playing in my brain, I swear.

And Matthew Fox (Jack from Lost) may be playing Racer X in Speed Racer. Weird.

Geek-rant off.
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