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Grey Matter

confessions of a bored mind

Mr Grey
5 July
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There is nothing particularly outstanding about me....

70's porn, a clockwork orange, acid bath, acid ones, aeon flux, agents of oblivion, akira, androgeny, anime, apathy, army of darkness, art, asian girls, ass-slaping, atari teenage riot, b movies, bad taste, barefoot in the dark, bebo-bo-hackensnatch, black and tans, blade runner, bob loki, brandy, brian froud, burning leaves, cannibal the musical, cassie eats cockroaches, chatting, christian fundamentalists, chupacabra, cigars, clive barker, coast to coast am, cold hole, concerts, corruption, crazy goth kids, crucifix insertion, cthulhu, cunnilingus, dagon, darwin, de-fetusing, dead baby billboards, deadboy and the elephantmen, detachable penis, dirty secrets, dog fashion disco, dorks, dos equis, drawing, dredg, eating retards, evil dead, fantasy, fear factory, free thinkers, fun dip, gay as fuck, geeks, ghost in the shell, girls with shaved heads, good little girls, guinness, h.p. lovecraft, hicks, high monster, hooligans, horror, houligan's, human-slaying robots, humanism, industrial, innocence, invader zim, johnny the homicidal maniac, kewwy, killer condom, kmfdm, knee high socks, kurt vonnegut, lbw, lbwcc, lords of acid, lovecraft, man made brain, massive attack, masturbation, microscopic eurthra-dwelling parasitic catfish, mindless self indulgence, money shots, monty python, morcheeba, mother-daughter-action, movies, music, nun sex, ohgr, overgrown sideburns, perversion, porno dialog, rainy days, rasputina, reading, rednecks, ren and stimpy, rock, rock and rule, rocko's modern life, sacrifices to poseidon, sarah's mom, satan loves me, satanism, school girls, schoolgirls, sci-fi, shadow over innsmouth, shaun of the dead, shaved twats, sifl and olly, sleazy winks, snorfacockalux, soundgarden, splosey, squirting, tapeworms, texas chainsaw massacre, the dark crystal, the dead baby house, the enkidu dance, the labrynth, the maxx, the offspring, the russian, the secret ingredient, the smell of dirt, the swans, the thirteenth grade, the toxic avenger, the venture brothers, tool, trip-hop, troma, tromeo and juliet, tubring, vast, white cotton panties, white russians, world domination, yeungling